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  • John Deere Gator


    A John Deere Gator converted into an off-road ambulance: This vehicle is owned by Toronto District St. John Ambulance. Gators are used mainly on farms and sometimes in the military, but most people refer to them as farmers' vehicles. They can be ordered with specific off-road features. In 1992, the vehicle replaced the three- or five-wheel John Deere AMTs, introduced in 1987. The John Deere AMT 622/626 was the second-generation predecessor to the Gator 1988-1998.

  • Ford Pygmy


    The Ford Pygmy is the pilot vehicle submitted by Ford in response to the U.S. Army's requirement for a "light reconnaissance and command car" during the military buildup prior to World War II, which later became better known as the World War II jeep. The Pygmy is the only known survivor of the original pilot vehicles tested by the Army.

  • LARC-V


    Fort Story, Virginia LARC V vehicle in use for tourist trips on Iceland – Jokulsarlon icelake LARC-V (Iceland – Jokulsarlon 2) LARC-V (Iceland – Jokulsarlon 3) LARC-V converted for harbour tours in Halifax, Nova ScotiaLARC-V (Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 5 ton), is an aluminium-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle capable of transporting 5 tons. It was developed in the United States during the 1950s, and is used in a variety of auxiliary roles to this day. In addition to the United States, Larc-Vs have been used by military forces in Australia, Argentina, Portugal, Philippines, Singapore and Iceland. Approximately 968 were made. About 500 were destroyed, most by scuttling during the American withdrawal from South Vietnam. About 200 have been retained in U.S. military service. Roughly 100 are privately owned and mostly used for tourism. These include tourist trips on the Jökulsárlón ice lake in Iceland and city and harbour tours in Halifax, Nova Scotia .

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