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  • Marriage proposal planner


    A marriage proposal planner is a professional event coordinator who specializes in planning marriage proposals. A proposal planner is a relatively new profession in the wedding industry. Proposal planners suggest marriage proposal ideas, scout proposal locations, negotiate rates with vendors, draw up contracts, hire photographers, create romantic setups, acquire permits, and help clients choose engagement rings. Proposal planners interview the proposer and ask questions about the couple. They then use those answers to create a unique proposal idea. The mass media and social media are partly responsible for the emergence of proposal planners. There are fancy proposals on TV, and women's expectations are rising. Men have trouble meeting those expectations without some help.

  • Nalle Knutsson


    Kjell Nalle Knut Ove Knutsson (19 February 1943 - 11 June 2012) was a Swedish musical artist, actor, party planner, clothing designer, and television and entertainment personality.

  • Bachelor Party Vegas


    Bachelor Party Vegas is a comedy film that was released in 2006 starring Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Charlie Spiller, Diora Baird and Donald Faison. In Australia and the UK it was released under the title Vegas Baby.

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