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  • List of doctoral degrees awarded by country


    The list of doctoral degrees awarded by country includes all doctoral degrees worldwide.

  • Doctor of Nursing Science


    The Doctor of Nursing Science, usually abbreviated D.N.S., or D.N.Sc., is an academic research degree awarded in a number of countries throughout the world as a terminal research degree in Nursing. The title of this degree varies with the collegiate institution which grants it. Another form of this degree is a Doctor of Science in Nursing (D.S.N.) degree. This academic research degree is recognized by both the United States Department of Education and the National Science Foundation to be equivalent to the more commonly awarded Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Most universities have discontinued the degree in favor of the more recognized Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.

  • Doctor of Public Health


    A Doctor of Public Health at Boston University in his full academic regalia. Note that the color of the hood, salmon pink, is the academic color of Public Health, which differs from the PhD (blue) The Doctor of Public Health (abbr. DrPH or DPH; Latin ') is a doctoral degree awarded in the field of public health. The DrPH is the highest, and terminal, professional degree in the field of public health. It prepares its recipients for a leadership career in advanced public health practice and administration. Many DrPH holders also hold positions in academia, including teaching and research. DrPH holders often occupy senior or executive leadership roles in private and public sectors (including municipal, state, and federal health agencies), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and international health entities such as the World Health Organization.

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