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  • Pinoy Auto Trader


    Pinoy Auto Trader was an online automotive marketplace primarily catered for the Philippine market. It was owned and operated by Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises and was a sister-company of the Philippine buy and sell website Sulit.com.ph. Pinoy Auto Trader was primarily a business-to-consumer (B2C) website.

  • Toyota Motor Philippines


    Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC) is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, based in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, responsible for the assembly and distribution of Toyota vehicles in the Philippines since 1988. The company was established on August 3, 1988, as a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation, Mitsui & Company Limited and GT Capital Holdings, Inc.. TMPC is the largest automotive company in the country, with the widest vehicle line-up of 17 models and a sales distribution and service network composed of 47 dealerships nationwide. Its main production facility, the 82-hectare Toyota Special Economic Zone (TSEZ), is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna for assembling cars. TMPC is also the provider of financial services unit, Toyota Financial Services Philippines, and Lexus Manila, Inc., the official distributor of Lexus cars.

  • Japanese used vehicle exporting


    A Japanese-market Honda Stepwgn in the Philippines. The model has never seen an official release in the country, and has to be converted to left-hand drive for it to be driven legally.Japanese used vehicle exporting is a grey market international trade involving the export of used cars and other vehicles from Japan to other markets around the world since the 1980s. Despite the high cost of transport, the sale of used cars and other vehicles to other countries is still profitable due to the relatively low cost and good condition of the vehicles being purchased. Contributing factors to the feasibility of such export include Japan's strict motor-vehicle inspections and high depreciation which make such vehicles worth very little in Japan after six years, and strict environmental-protection regulations that make vehicle disposal very expensive in Japan. Japan has very stringent vehicle emission test standards. Nearly 1.4 million used vehicles were exported from Japan in 2006.

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