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  • Nerf bar


    A 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with a black nerf bar hanging from the body on the bottom left. A nerf bar is a tubular device fitted to the side of a racecar, typically single-seat race cars that compete on asphalt or dirt oval tracks. A "nerf" is a small, sometimes intentional, collision between two cars in which one driver bumps the other to facilitate a successful pass. The nerf bar protects the sides of the vehicles and also keeps their tires from becoming entangled. If fast-spinning tires come in contact with each other, one or both of the cars may lose control or even become airborne. These are commonly used on Modifieds such as used in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Series, and the wheel pods behind the rear wheels on a Dallara DW12 INDYCAR is often nicknamed the nerf bar because of the similar purpose. A more commercial application of the nerf bar is for convenience purposes on a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle. It may act as a step to ease entry and exit from the vehicle, or to help prevent damage to the vehicle when crossing rocks off-road. Nerf bars can also be used to double as side bull bars on off-road vehicles.

  • Air suspension


    Air suspension is a type of vehicle suspension powered by an electric or engine-driven air pump or compressor. This compressor pumps the air into a flexible bellows, usually made from textile-reinforced rubber. The air pressure inflates the bellows, and raises the chassis from the axle.

  • Roll bar


    Roll bar or rollbar may refer to: Roll bar, also known as anti-roll bar or sway bar, a torsion spring bar that reduces vehicle roll Roll cage, a vehicle frame designed to protect occupants in the event of a crash Roll-over bar, similar in purpose to a roll cage and fitted to many convertibles and similar open-topped cars Rollbar (G.I. Joe), a fictional character in the G.I. Joe universe Rollbar (Transformers), a Transformers fictional character Roll bars, bars that appear on a television screen when it is filmed, see Sync box (filmmaking)

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