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  • Nissan Cedric


    The Nissan Cedric is a large automobile produced by Nissan since 1960. It was developed to provide upscale transportation, competing with the Prince Skyline and Gloria which were later merged into the Nissan family. In later years, the Nissan Skyline was positioned as a sports sedan/coupe, whereas the Nissan Gloria was turned into a sporty version of the Cedric (with identical styling but using a different radiator grille and front & rear light clusters). In Japan, the Cedric/Gloria series was affectionately called CedGlo, and this long-running series finally came to an end in October 2004, replaced by the Nissan Fuga. The Cedric name is still in use, on the Y31 series fleet vehicle traditionally used as a taxi, where it competes with the Toyota Comfort, and is still in production. Throughout the many versions of the Cedric, it was always considered to be the prime competitor to the Toyota Crown. The hood ornament was inspired by the diamond pattern used by Lincoln but was changed to two right angles set next to each other.

  • Chrysler minivans (NS)


    The third-generation Chrysler minivans are a series of passenger minivans that were marketed by the Chrysler Corporation (later DaimlerChrysler) from the 1996 to 2000 model years. Designated the NS platform by Chrysler, these minivans were sold by Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth divisions in passenger configurations; minivans were exported under the Chrysler brand. While the second-generation AS platform was a revision of the original vans, the NS platform marked the first ground-up redesign of the Chrysler vans since their 1984 introduction, ending the use of components from K-Car derivatives. The first non-compact minivans in North America to adopt four sliding passenger doors, the third-generation Chrysler minivans saw its form factor adopted by many competitors. In addition to chief competitors Ford Windstar, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna, the NS-platform configuration was adopted by the Chevrolet Venture, Oldsmobile Silhouette, and Pontiac (Trans Sport) Montana, and the Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest.

  • Nissan Sylphy


    The Nissan Sylphy (previously until 2012 known as Nissan Bluebird Sylphy) is a compact car, produced by the Japanese car maker Nissan, as the successor to the Nissan Pulsar. Built since 2000 and currently in its third generation, the second generation is still manufactured for certain markets. Sylphy has also been marketed in export markets under several other model names, including Pulsar and Sentra. The initial Bluebird Sylphy nameplate was a continuation for the larger Nissan Bluebird which was phased out in 2001. It was renamed the Nissan Sylphy in 2012.

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