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  • Neopets Trading Card Game


    The 'Neopets TCG' is a collectible card game and a spin-off of the popular virtual pet website, Neopets. Launched in 2003, this game is produced by Wizards of the Coast, a large trading card company that produces a variety of other trading card games. Neopets is aimed at a slightly younger audience than other Wizards of the Coast offerings such as Magic: The Gathering. As with many other trading card games, there are two purposes to the trading cards; the first to collect the cards, and the second to play a devised game using the cards. The card game was discontinued in 2006.

  • Redemption (card game)


    Redemption is a collectible card game based on the Bible. It involves Biblical characters, places, objects, and ideas. The object of the game is for a players Heroes (good characters) to rescue Lost Souls by defeating an opponent's Evil Characters. The first player to rescue 5 Lost Souls wins the game. Redemption was first published in July 1995 by Cactus Game Design and its creator, Rob Anderson, continues to develop and produce the game and is the final authority on rulings.

  • Young Jedi Collectible Card Game


    Young Jedi Collectible Card Game was a collectible card game published by Decipher, Inc. and released in May 1999. It was based on the Star Wars universe. It revolves around the events and characters of the movie The Phantom Menace. A total of seven expansions were released before the game was discontinued in September 2001.Young Jedi was awarded "CCG of the Year" by magazine Gamers Inquest in its annual fan poll.

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