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  • WeWork


    WeWork is an American company that provides shared workspaces for technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. Founded in 2010, it is headquartered in New York City. As of July 2017, WeWork had a valuation of roughly US$20 billion and managed of office space. WeWork designs and builds physical and virtual shared spaces and office services for entrepreneurs and companies. The company’s 100,000+ members have access to health insurance, an internal social network, social events and workshops, and an annual summer retreat. WeWork has more than 5,000 employees in over 280 locations, spread across 77 cities in 23 countries including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and United Kingdom.

  • Criticism of Tesco


    Criticism has been directed at Tesco from various groups, including national organisations, trade bodies, individuals, consumer groups and watchdogs, particularly since the early 2000s. One of the biggest criticisms it faces is the perceived threat it poses to small private owned businesses due to the monopoly it imposes over products. Other controversial areas concern the treatment of staff, trading deals with suppliers and customer relations, as well as their approach to foreign businesses. There is also a belief that they use aggressive tactics to gain land and/or planning permission for building new stores. Allegations against the company are varied, including: Dishonest corporate policy Eco-towns and the environment Faking price cuts Bullying suppliers and farmers Local opposition to new stores and corporate expatiation Financial affairs Health and safety issues Child labour accusations and other overseas casesThe Tesco supermarket chain is often involved in litigation, usually from claims of personal injury from customers, claims of unfair dismissal from staff, and other commercial matters such as the treatment of suppliers.

  • Pierre Schunck


    Peter Joseph Arnold (Pierre) Schunck (24 March 1906 in Heerlen – 2 February 1993 in Kerkrade), also known as Paul Simons, was a member of the prosperous Schunck family who owned a department store at Heerlen in the Netherlands. He is remembered principally for his involvement in the Dutch resistance in the Second World War when he hid a considerable number of Dutchmen from the Germans and also assisted the Allies during the Dutch liberation. Pierre initially studied to become a priest but soon joined the family business, initially running a laundry in Valkenburg near Maastricht. From the beginning of the German occupation, he decided to stand up against the Germans and became a member of the LO or , a resistance group whose mandate was to assist persons in hiding. Under the pseudonym of Paul Simons, he headed the Valkenburg chapter. He helped Jews and resistance fighters to hide from the Germans in his laundry as well as in the nearby Valkenburg limestone caves. Furthermore, he assisted both Dutchmen and Allies to move on by issuing them with ration books and coupons and providing them with safe addresses where they could hide. Resistance Cross.

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