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  • Chauffeur


    A chauffeur in Japan standing next to a Nissan Fuga. A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine. A woman employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle is a chauffeuse. Originally, such drivers were often personal employees of the vehicle owner, but now in many cases specialist chauffeur service companies or individual drivers provide both driver and vehicle for hire, although there are service companies that just provide the driver.

  • Illegal taxicab operation


    Illegal taxicabs, sometimes known as pirate taxis or gypsy cabs, are taxicabs and other for-hire vehicles that are not duly licensed or permitted by the jurisdiction in which they operate. Most major cities worldwide require taxicabs to be licensed, safety-inspected, insured as for-hire vehicles and use taxi meters and there may also be requirements that the taxi driver be registered or accredited. However, many unlicensed cabs are in operation. Illegal cabs may be marked taxi vehicles (sometimes referred to as "speedy cabs"), and others are personal vehicles used by an individual to offer unauthorized taxi-like services. Illegal cabs are prevalent in cities with medallion systems, which restrict the number of legal cabs in operation. Since their introduction in 2009, vehicles affiliated with the transportation network company Uber have been classified as illegal taxicabs in some jurisdictions.

  • Daimler Hire


    garage in Bloomsbury, London, now offices of McCann EricksonDaimler Hire Limited provided a luxury chauffeur-driven Daimler limousine-hire-service from Knightsbridge in London. Incorporated in 1919 to take over the operations of Daimler's hire department, Daimler Hire was a subsidiary of The Daimler Company Limited. The company's services later included self-drive hire cars, which continued to the end of the company's existence. Aviation services introduced in 1919 and motor yacht rental services introduced in 1922 were sold in 1924. Majority shareholding in Daimler Hire was sold to Thomas Tilling Limited in 1930; in 1949 The Daimler Company sold its remaining shares to the same company. In the 1950s, Humber Pullman and Humber Super Snipe limousines were added to its fleet. In 1958, the company was sold to Hertz, an American car rental company, as a base to enter the British market. Daimler Hire was discontinued in 1976.

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