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  • Drake's Island


    Drake's Island is a island lying in Plymouth Sound, the stretch of water south of the city of Plymouth, Devon. The rocks which make up the island are volcanic tuff and lava, together with marine limestone of the mid-Devonian period.

  • State housing


    Unlike public housing in many other countries, much of the New Zealand state housing of the 20th century was in the form of detached houses similar to the typical Kiwi house. Aerial photograph of a 1947 development in Oranga, Auckland.State housing is a system of public housing in New Zealand, offering low-cost rental housing to residents on low to moderate incomes. Some 69,000 state houses are managed by Housing New Zealand Corporation, most of which are owned by the Crown. In excess of 31,000 former state houses exist, which are now privately owned after large-scale sell-offs during recent decades. Since 2014, state housing has been part of a wider social housing system, which also includes privately owned low-cost housing. An archetypal 1930s and 1940s state house is a detached 2 or 3 bedroom cottage-style house, with weatherboard or brick veneer cladding, a steep hipped tile roof, and multi-paned timber casement windows. Thousands of these houses were built across New Zealand as state housing, and as private housing after World War II, when the government started selling their drawings and plans in an attempt to hasten housing construction.

  • List of residences of presidents of the United States


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