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  • Alaskan Klee Kai


    The Alaskan Klee Kai is a spitz type breed of dog, developed in the 1970s to create a companion sized dog resembling the Alaskan Husky (a mixed breed of dog used for sled racing). It is an energetic, intelligent, dog with an appearance that reflects its northern heritage.

  • Bullseye (mascot)


    IditarodBullseye (formerly known as Spot) is a Miniature Bull Terrier and the official mascot of Target Corporation. The dog is featured in Target's commercial campaigns and in store sale signage and is used in various marketing campaigns. The dog used in marketing campaigns is often female, but is used to play a male dog character. She has a pure white coat, and has Target Corporation's bullseye logo painted around her left eye hence her name. The makeup used on Bullseye is all natural and non-toxic. Target also offers the dog as a stuffed toy for special events or employee recognition. The original Target dog was American Kennel Club Ch. Kingsmere Moondoggie, affectionately known as "Smudgie." The current mascot is a descendant from the breeder Skyline Bull Terriers, located in Massachusetts. Bullseye lives on a ranch just north of Los Angeles, belonging to her owner and trainer, David McMillan, operator of Worldwide Movie Animals. The ranch is home to the Target dog Nikki, although Target will not reveal whether this is the nickname of the current Bullseye or her predecessor. In 2004, American artist Amy Brazil was commissioned to paint an 8-foot by 8-foot portrait of Bullseye, which now hangs at Target corporate headquarters. In July 2015, Bullseye was affectionately called "Gigi" by her photographer during the opening of the new City Target located in Massachusetts. This Bullseye was rumored to have been flown in from Minneapolis for the opening.

  • Tibetan Mastiff


    The Tibetan Mastiff is a large Tibetan dog breed (Canis lupus familiaris) (Tibetan: དོ་ཁྱི, Chinese: 藏獒; Pinyin: Zàng áo) in the mastiff family. Originating with the nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, India, Mongolia and Nepal, it is used by local tribes of Tibetans to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, large mustelids, and tigers.

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