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  • WBT (AM)


    WBT (known on air as "News 1110/99.3 WBT") is a commercial AM radio station serving the Charlotte metropolitan area, which includes parts of North Carolina and South Carolina. First licensed on March 18, 1922, it was one of the United States' first broadcasting stations. The station airs a news/talk radio format that is simulcast on WBT-FM 99.3 and the HD2 digital sub-channel of co-owned 107.9 WLNK. WBT is owned by Entercom, one of the largest radio stations operators in America. Studios and offices are at One Julian Price Place on West Morehead Street, just west of Uptown Charlotte, co-located with the city's CBS television affiliate, WBTV, which is currently owned by Raycom Media but at one time had common ownership with WBT Radio.WBT broadcasts fulltime with 50,000-watts at 1110 kHz, as a Class A clear-channel station. Its transmitter is located in the southern part of the city off Nations Ford Road. During daylight hours it uses a non-directional antenna and is audible in a significant portion of the Carolinas, including cities as far away as Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Spartanburg and Columbia, South Carolina. At night it uses a directional antenna that limits its signal toward the west, in order to avoid interfering with KFAB in Omaha, Nebraska, the other Class A station on the frequency. For many years, WBT boasted that it could be heard "from Maine to Miami" at night.

  • James Golden (radio personality)


    James Golden, under the pseudonym "Bo Snerdley," serves as call screener, producer, and engineer for the syndicated Rush Limbaugh radio talk show. Since 2001 he has been a Producer/Executive for Premiere Networks (formerly Premiere Radio Networks), the largest radio syndication company in the United States. Although Golden works from a control booth off the air, a 2008 New York Times Magazine profile of Limbaugh reported that during the show, Golden "banters with and occasionally badgers Limbaugh via an internal talk-back circuit" (an IFB). On occasion, Golden has been accorded airtime on the program. In February 2008, Golden, who is black, was assigned (as Snerdley) a satirical cameo role by Limbaugh as the show's Official Criticizer of Barack Obama (Snerdly has introduced himself as an “African-American-in-good-standing-and-certified-black-enough-to-criticize-Obama guy,” and declared that he was speaking, “on behalf of our E.I.B. brothers and sisters in the hood.”); the role has become an occasional recurring feature.

  • KGNO


    KGNO (1370 AM) is a radio station licensed to Dodge City, Kansas, United States, the station serves the Southwestern Kansas area. The station is currently owned by Rocking M Media, LLC. The station airs talk radio programs such as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

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