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  • Simultanagnosia


    Simultanagnosia (or simultagnosia) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by the inability of an individual to perceive more than a single object at a time. This type of visual attention problem is one of three major components (the others being optic ataxia and optic apraxia) of Bálint's syndrome, an uncommon and incompletely understood variety of severe neuropsychological impairments involving space representation (visuospatial processing). The term "simultanagnosia" was first coined in 1924 by Wolpert to describe a condition where the affected individual could see individual details of a complex scene but failed to grasp the overall meaning of the image. Simultanagnosia can be divided into two different categories: dorsal and ventral. Ventral occipito-temporal lesions cause a mild form of the disorder, while dorsal occipito-parietal lesions cause a more severe form of the disorder.

  • The Dream 1973-2011


    The Dream 1973-2011 is a jazz vocal album by Michael Franks, released in 2012 with Warner Music France. The compilation includes 72 tracks over five discs with recordings spanning Franks' career with Warner Bros and earlier, from Michael Franks (re-released as Previously Unavailable) in , to Time Together . The fifth disc is a re-release of the relatively rare Michael Franks with Crossfire Live album recorded in Australia in 1980.

  • The Cookie Jar Foundation


    The Cookie Jar Foundation is a non-profit, bespoke foundation established to help meet funding requirements for a wide range of notable beneficiaries including the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital, the young persons group at Maggies Cancer Centre at the Western General Hospital and the cancer units at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. The charity is named after Christopher "Cookie" Coutts who died after a valiant fight with Hodgkin's Lymphoma aged 19.

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