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  • Engine tuning


    Vintage engine testing equipment that can test ignition timing, ignition dwell, manifold vacuum and exhaust emissionsEngine tuning is the adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine or Engine Control Unit (ECU) to yield optimal performance and increase the engine's power output, economy, or durability. These goals may be mutually exclusive; an engine may be de-tuned with respect to output power in exchange for better economy or longer engine life due to lessened stress on engine components. Tuning can include a wide variety of adjustments and modifications, such as the routine adjustment of the carburetor and ignition system to significant engine overhauls. Performance tuning of an engine can involve revising some of the design decisions taken during the development of the engine. Setting the idle speed, air-fuel ratio, carburetor balance, spark plug and distributor point gaps, and ignition timing were regular maintenance tasks for older engines and are the final but essential steps in setting up a racing engine.

  • Air-start system


    Cutaway of an air-start system of a General Electric J79 turbojet. The small turbine (next to yellow shaft) and epicyclic gearing (to right of perforated metal screen) are clearly visible. An air-start system is a power source used to provide the initial rotation to start large diesel and gas turbine engines.

  • Battery regenerator


    A battery regenerator is a device that restores capacity to lead-acid batteries, extending their effective lifespan. They are also known as desulphators, reconditioners or pulse conditioning devices. Battery regenerator When batteries are stored in an uncharged state for an extended period, lead-sulfur deposits form and harden on the lead plates inside the battery. This causes what is known as a "sulfated battery", which will no longer charge to its original capacity. Regenerators send pulses of electric current through the battery, which in some cases may cause the sulfate to flake off the plates and eventually dissolve.

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