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  • Pullman Square


    Pullman Square, the centerpiece of Huntington's urban renewal efforts.Pullman Square is a lifestyle center in downtown Huntington, West Virginia, United States between 8th and 10th Street and 3rd Avenue and Veteran's Memorial Boulevard. It is located on what was known as the Superblock, a large urban renewal project that saw the demolishing of four city-square-blocks in 1970.

  • Clarksburg, West Virginia


    Clarksburg is a city in and the county seat of Harrison County, West Virginia, United States, in the north-central region of the state. The population of the city was 16,578 at the 2010 census. It is the principal city of the Clarksburg, WV Micropolitan Statistical Area, which had a population of 94,221 in 2014. Clarksburg was named National Small City of the Year in 2011 by the National League of Cities. Courthouse

  • Snodgrass Tavern


    Snodgrass Tavern is an historic tavern located near Hedgesville in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The structure was built in stages beginning around 1742, and is one of the oldest buildings in West Virginia still standing. It is uncertain when the structure became a tavern; but according to Early Hedgesville Chronicles 1720-1947, by William Moore, an account of Robert Snodgrass's wife, Susannah and their first daughter, baby Elizabeth describes it having been used as a tavern during the Indian wars at the brink of the French and Indian War (early to mid 1750s). Specifically, they hid beneath the floors of the tavern, while the Indians drank and fought above. The tavern lasted until 1847, when the property was sold as a private residence. The structure and surrounding property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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