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  • Palmdale, California


    Palmdale is a city in the center of northern Los Angeles County in the U.S. state of California. The San Gabriel Mountains separate Palmdale from the City of Los Angeles. On August 24, 1962, Palmdale became the first community in the Antelope Valley to incorporate. Forty seven years later, in November 2009, voters approved making it a charter city. Its population was 152,750 at the 2010 census, up from 116,670 at the 2000 census. Palmdale is the 33rd most populous city in California. In 2013, the Palmdale/Lancaster urban area had an estimated population of 513,547.

  • Lake Palmdale


    Lake Palmdale is an artificial lake completed in 1924 along with the nearby Little Rock Reservoir created by Little Rock Dam. It is part of the California State Water Project and is fed by the California Aqueduct. It is located in the city of Palmdale near the city's southern edge, in the small Anaverde Valley between the San Andreas Fault and the base of Mount Tenhi.

  • Battle of Palmdale


    The Battle of Palmdale was the attempted shoot-down of a runaway drone by United States Air Force interceptors in the skies over Southern California in mid August 1956. The drone was launched from Point Mugu Naval Air Station and soon went out of control. Interceptor aircraft took off from Oxnard Air Force Base and caught up with the drone, but were ultimately unable to bring it down, in spite of expending all of their rockets. After it ran out of fuel, the unmanned aircraft crashed in a sparsely populated tract of desert. During the incident over 1000 acres were scorched and a substantial amount of property was damaged or destroyed.

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