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  • Belron


    Belron is a vehicle glass repair and replacement group operating worldwide across 34 countries and employing over 25,000 people. Belron's brands include Autoglass and Autoglass bodyrepair in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Carglass in most of Europe, Safelite in the United States, O'Brien in Australia, Smith & Smith in New Zealand, and Lebeau and Speedy Glass in Canada.

  • Auto Windscreens


    Auto Windscreens is a United Kingdom automotive glazing company specialising in windscreen repair and replacement. It is owned by Trifords Ltd and is headquartered in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Working predominantly with insurers, brokers and fleet management customers, the company operates a nationwide fitting centre network that utilises a mobile fleet of trained technicians. It is one of the largest windscreen replacement operations in the United Kingdom, with hundreds of employees working across its sites and at its Chesterfield based customer service contact centre. Auto Windscreens was established in March 2011, after the collapse of the previous company, which had operated since 1971.

  • List of Wheeler Dealers episodes


    Wheeler Dealers is a British television series produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel in the UK and Motor Trend Network in the U.S., fronted by Mike Brewer, with mechanic Edd China in Series 1-13 and Ant Anstead starting from Series 14. The premise of the programme has the presenters on a mission to save old and repairable enthusiast vehicles, by repairing or otherwise improving an example of a particular make and model to a budget, then selling it to a new owner. This is a list of Wheeler Dealers episodes with original airdate on Discovery Channel.

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