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  • Safari Trek Motorhome


    Early Trek Logo The Safari Trek was a line of Motorhomes built by the Safari Motorcoach Corporation (SMC) based out of Harrisburg, Oregon. The Trek line was developed in the late 1980s with some early model prototypes. The first official model year began in 1991 and ended in 2001 under the Safari Motorcoach Corporation banner. In 2001 SMC was purchased by Monaco Coach who took over the production of subsequent model years. The early pre-Monaco Trek's now hold a venerated status among Safari RV enthusiants-"Trekkies". This is in part due to the Trek's patented "Electro-Majic Bed" which provided for spacious floor plans. There was as well an exceptionally high build quality that used a riveted aluminum outer skin in lieu of the more popular tin or fiberglass, real hardwood cabinetry, and a small bus like design that made the Trek easy to drive and maneuver. In 2009 Monaco Coach filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy ending the "Safari Trek" line of motorhomes. The exact production numbers of the early pre-Monaco Treks have never been officially released, but estimated to be approximately 200 per year at peak production during the ten-year run.

  • Truma (company)


    Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of leisure products for caravans and motorhomes. The company develops, manufactures and sells heating and air conditioning systems, hot water boilers, maneuvering systems and products for energy and gas supply. Truma was founded in 1949 in Munich, Germany. Today the headquarters is located in Putzbrunn near Munich and the company operates worldwide sales offices. Since the introduction of the first Truma heater in 1961 the company remained the market leader for LPG air heaters for recreational vehicles in Europe. Truma founder Philipp Kreis The first Truma caravan heater Modern Truma company building in Putzbrunn near Munich. Truma Combi heater and digital control panel CP plus iNet ready. The Truma iNet Box is the smart interface that allows you to control your Truma appliances with the App.

  • Motorhome stopover


    Alba, Italy Sign indicating a motorhome stopover area with available services A typical area for motorhome in Felletin, France A motorhome stopover (, , ) is a place designated for the purpose of overnight stopping for recreational vehicles or motorhomes. Motorhome stopovers are usually operated by local authorities. These vehicles can stay overnight or longer depending on terms and conditions specified on a sign by each locality. Parking is in accordance with local building codes and road traffic law. There are three main purposes of these stopping places: providing a place for a short-term overnight stay without paperwork involved or restrictions of checking-in and checking-out time constraints imposed by formal campsites, allowing for travellers who prefer to move frequently from one place to the next during a short period of vacation and allowing parking places that are generally within walking distance to tourist sights. These stopovers differ from campsites in that they are usually intended for a very short-term usage—usually one or two days—thus they provide very limited space for parking and limited facilities or at times no service at all.

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