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  • Stonestown Galleria


    Stonestown Galleria is a shopping mall in San Francisco, California. Its anchor store is Nordstrom, which is scheduled to close in 2018. It was formerly anchored Macy's. It is located immediately north of San Francisco State University and near Mercy High School and Lowell High School. The anchor stores are each two stories, but most in-line stores are one story. The hallways form a plus shape, with the former Macy's on the north side, and Target, Nordstrom, Trader Joe's, Chase, Olive Garden, and Bank of America, on the south side. There are four wings, two on level one and two on level two. A food court is on the second story. There are some skylights in the mall. Marble columns adorn the center court. A demolition/rebuilding project in the late 1980s added many of the current architectural features.

  • Union Square, San Francisco


    Union Square is a public plaza bordered by Geary, Powell, Post and Stockton Streets in downtown San Francisco, California. "Union Square" also refers to the central shopping, hotel, and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks. The area got its name because it was once used for Thomas Starr King rallies and support for the Union Army during the American Civil War, earning its designation as a California Historical Landmark. Today, this one-block plaza and surrounding area is one of the largest collections of department stores, upscale boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and beauty salons in the United States, making Union Square a major tourist destination and a vital, cosmopolitan gathering place in downtown San Francisco. Grand hotels and small inns, as well as repertory, off-Broadway, and single-act theaters also contribute to the area's dynamic, 24-hour character. The Dewey Monument is located at the center of Union Square. It is a statue of Nike, the ancient Greek Goddess of Victory.

  • Westfield San Francisco Centre


    The Westfield San Francisco Centre is an upscale, urban shopping mall located in San Francisco, California, managed by the Westfield Group and co-owned by Westfield and Brookfield Asset Management. It is anchored by Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's, and includes a Century Theatres multiplex and a branch of San Francisco State University. It connects directly to the Powell Street transit station via an underground entrance.

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