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  • Marion Carll Farm


    Marion Carll Farm is a historic home and property located in Commack in Suffolk County, New York. It consists of the 1860 farmhouse, privy, garage, smoke house, milk house, horse barn and carriage house, sheep barn, and four smaller barns. Marion Carll left the home and property to the Commack UFSD. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. In 2010 the Commack School District attempted to sell the historic Farm to Holiday Corp/Hamlet. The district residents voted down a referendum to authorize the sale. The district however continues to try to find alternative means to support the property as it has become a financial burden. During an informational meeting the Peconic Land Trust and Suffolk County both expressed interest in acquiring the property and/or finding alternatives to building town homes on the of land. Given this purported interest, the District continues to welcome any and all proposals related to alternatives.

  • Shadyside, Houston


    Shadyside subdivision marker at Main at RemingtonShadyside is a private, walled subdivision of 16 houses in Houston, Texas. In 2012 Terrence McCoy of the Houston Press said that Shadyside has a "sense of exclusivity, or as Heritage Texas Properties puts it, 'mystique,'" which caused many prominent figures from Houston to settle in Shadyside and continue doing so for a period of almost 100 years.

  • Country Club District


    J. C. Nichols House in Sunset Hill, located on West 55th Street between Ward Parkway and State Line Road The Country Club District is the name of a group of neighborhoods composing a historic upscale residential district in Kansas City, developed by noted real estate developer J.C. Nichols. The district was developed in stages between 1906 and 1950, and today is home to approximately 60,000 and includes such well-known Kansas City neighborhoods as Sunset Hill and Brookside in Missouri, Mission Hills, Fairway, and the oldest parts of Prairie Village in Kansas, making it the largest planned community built by a single developer in the United States. Ward Parkway, a wide, manicured boulevard, traverses the district running south from the Country Club Plaza, the first suburban shopping district in the United States.

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