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  • Graduated driver licensing


    Graduated driver licensing systems (GDLS) are designed to provide new drivers of motor vehicles with driving experience and skills gradually over time in low-risk environments. There are typically three steps or stages through which new drivers pass. They begin by acquiring a learner's permit, progress to a restricted, probationary or provisional license, followed by receipt of a full driver's license. Graduated drivers' licensing generally restricts nighttime, expressway, and unsupervised driving during initial stages, but lifts these restrictions with time and further testing of the individual, eventually concluding with the individual attaining a full driver's license.

  • Driver's licence in Canada


    In Canada, driver's licences are issued by the government of the province or territory in which the driver is residing. Thus, specific regulations relating to driver's licences vary province to province, though overall they are quite similar. All provinces have provisions allowing non-residents to use licences issued by other provinces and territories, out-of-country licences, and International Driving Permits. Many provinces also allow non-residents to use regular licences issued by other nations and countries. Canadian driver's licences are also valid in many other countries due to various international agreements and treaties.

  • Young Drivers of Canada


    Young Drivers of Canada is a Canadian driving school franchise headquartered in Woodbridge, Ontario. In 2017 Young Drivers is the largest driving training organization in Canada, with 140 locations in six provinces across Canada. Over a million students have graduated from its driver education programs. The company's driving recommendations are often quoted in news stories about safe driving and the rules of the road. Young Drivers of Canada has three core product offerings: The novice Young Driver education program, the "COLLISIONfree!" driver improvement course and CogniFit Brain Training.

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