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  • Car brokers in Australia


    Car brokers specialise in helping car buyers source and buy cars. They typically offer services such as finding a particular used car model to fit a budget, getting the lowest price on a new car, or negotiating with a used car seller on behalf of a client that already located the car by themselves.

  • Carnation Auto


    Carnation Auto is a multi-brand automotive sales and service company headquartered in Noida, India.

  • Second-hand shop


    __NOTOC__ A second-hand shop is a shop which sells goods that are not new. Sketches by reporter-artist Marguerite Martyn of people in a St. Louis, Missouri, second-hand shop in 1920 Second-hand Encyclopaedia Britannica books in a second-hand bookstore in Bugis, Singapore The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Santa Monica, California

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