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  • Securus Technologies


    Securus Technologies is a United States-based prison technology company. It was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with regional offices located in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The company employs approximately 1,000 people and is reported to have contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States. Securus announced in July 2016 that it had invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents and acquisitions in three years.

  • Securus


    The Securus was a German automobile manufactured only in 1906. A two-speed tricar, it was built in Berlin by Max Ortmann.

  • Inmate telephone system


    An inmate telephone system, also known as an Inmate Calling Service (ICS) or Inmate telephone service, is telephone service intended for use by inmates in correctional facilities in the United States. Telephone service for inmates allows for their rehabilitation by allowing consistent communication with their family and legal counsel while incarcerated. In the United States, prison telecom is a $1.2 billion industry, mostly controlled by two private equity-backed companies—Global Tel Link (GTL) with a 50% market share as of 2015. and Securus Technologies, with 20%. The prison telecom industry has come under scrutiny due to the nature of their business model, as high commissions paid by providers as part of exclusive contracts with individual facilities are passed down to consumers through service rates significantly higher than standard phone service. While there have been attempts by the United States' telecom regulator, the FCC, to regulate the costs of inmate telephone services, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that its policy violated the Telecommunications Act, which forbids the FCC from regulating intrastate communications.

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