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  • Newsagent's shop


    Salta City, Argentina Rosemont, Montreal, 1943 Newsstand in Paris A newsagent's shop or simply newsagent's (British English), newsagency (Australian English) or newsstand (American and Canadian English) is a business that sells newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, snacks and often items of local interest. In Britain, Ireland and Australia, these businesses are termed newsagents. Newsagents typically operate in busy public places like city streets, railway stations and airports. Racks for newspapers and magazines can also be found in convenience stores, bookstores and supermarkets. The physical establishment can be either freestanding or part of a larger structure (e.g. a shopping mall or a railway station). In Canada and the United States, newsstands are often open stalls in public locations such as streets, or in a transit terminal or station (subway, rail, or airport). A newsstand in New York City

  • Street newspaper


    A street newspaper vendor, selling Street Sheet, in San FranciscoStreet newspapers (or street papers) are newspapers or magazines sold by homeless or poor individuals and produced mainly to support these populations. Most such newspapers primarily provide coverage about homelessness and poverty-related issues, and seek to strengthen social networks within homeless communities. Street papers aim to give these individuals both employment opportunities and a voice in their community. In addition to being sold by homeless individuals, many of these papers are partially produced and written by them. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries several publications by charity, religious, and labor organizations tried to draw attention to the homeless, but street newspapers only became common after the founding of New York City's Street News in 1989. Similar papers are now published in over 30 countries, with most located in the United States and Western Europe. They are supported by governments, charities, and coalitions such as the International Network of Street Papers and the North American Street Newspaper Association.

  • List of gadget magazines


    This is a list of magazines writing about gadgets, consumer electronics and future technologies. The primary focus of the magazines in this list is or was writing about gadgets for at least part of their run. The table's columns are as follows: Name: Title of the publication; In case the title was changed during a magazine's run, older titles are attached in brackets. Founded: The year of first publication. Defunct: The last year of publication, if the magazine is defunct. Country: Country of publication; If a magazine was circulated in multiple countries, only the country of origin is given. Publisher: The name of the publisher; If the publisher changed during a publication's run, all publishers are given with their respective publication years in brackets. Topics: Brief summary of the general range of topics and genres covered. External link: The official web presence of the publication, if applicable. Ref: References for all used information. Name Founded Defunct Country Publisher Topics External link Refs Future Technology 2016 United States Future Technology Amazing future technology that already exists to facilitate people's lives; drones, robots, hoverboards and smart home gadgets http://www.futuretechnology.tech GCG 2014 United Kingdom GCG Online magazine with previews, reviews and features about video games, comics and gadgets http://www.gcgmag.com GIZMO 2012 United States Gadgets, gifts and ideas http://www.gizmomagazine.com/ GadgetHead Magazine 2014 United Kingdom Product Comparison Website Ltd Online Magazine with reviews on gadgets, outdoor products, audio, baby, business, gaming, health and beauty, household, music, photography, sports, toys and cars! http://www.thegadgethead.com/ HisPotion 2012 United States HisPotion Features stuff men like; topics from lifestyle to gear and beautiful women http://www.hispotion.com Stuff 1996 United Kingdom Haymarket Media Group Reviews of consumer electronics and previews of future technology http://www.stuff.tv/ T3 1996 United Kingdom Future plc Technology magazine specialising in gadgets, gizmos, and other technology http://www.t3.com/ TechRadar 2010 United Kingdom Future plc News and reviews of new technologies and technology products, especially cellphones http://www.techradar.com/ Wired 1993 United States Condé Nast Impact of emerging technologies on culture, economy and politics https://www.wired.com/

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