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  • Persil Service


    Persil Service logo.Persil Service was the trading name of Persil Services Ltd., which operated concession units within selected Sainsbury's stores in the UK. The company operated over 70 shops and employed staff who were trained to process photographs, prepare dry cleaning and laundry, cut house keys and to serve customers. Persil Service was taken over by Timpson Ltd in May 2008 and all stores are now listed as "Timpson Ltd" branches, with gradual refits across the line bringing storefronts into the Timpson style.

  • The Chelsea Cobbler


    The Chelsea Cobbler (also sometimes Chelsea Cobbler) is a British shoe brand that was established in the 1960s in Chelsea. Originally a high-fashion brand creating bespoke (made-to-measure) shoes, it was regularly featured in catwalk shows and the fashion press throughout the 1970s, when it also had a retail presence in New York City. It was twice chosen as part of the Dress of the Year ensemble displayed at the Fashion Museum, Bath. Later the brand was absorbed into larger fashion companies. It was relaunched in 2009.

  • Timpson (retailer)


    Timpson is a British multinational retailer specialising in shoe repairs, key cutting and engraving, as well as dry cleaning & photo processing. The company also offers mobile phone repairs, jewellery and watch repair, custom-made house signs. It is based in Wythenshawe, Manchester, and currently has over 1325 outlets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In January 2014, Timpson purchased the photographic services franchise, Snappy Snaps, increasing its store count by 118. In January 2017, Timpson purchased the dry-cleaning business Johnsons Cleaners UK for £8.25m.

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