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  • IMSI


    IMSI may refer to: International mobile subscriber identity Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection Interface Marketing Supplier Integration Institute, standards organization Idaho Maximum Security Institution, prison International Maple Syrup Institute, see maple syrup IMSI/Design, a software company, see List of CAx companies

  • 国际移动用户识别码


  • Roaming SIM


    A roaming SIM is a mobile phone SIM card that operates on more than one network within its home country. Roaming SIMs currently have two main applications, least cost call routing for roaming mobile calls and machine to machine. Using a normal network locked SIM, travellers for instance, can use their own mobile phone (if it's enabled for roaming), in any country that has a roaming agreement with their home network, or for global networks like Vodafone, with another Vodafone OpCo. This manifests itself to most users when they receive a text message welcoming the traveller to a local network. However, once they return home their SIM will only work on the network with which they have a contract. A roaming SIM however, also known as a global roaming SIM, will work with whichever network it can detect, at home or abroad.

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