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  • Quick coupler


    Automatic Quickhitch in the closed position. Note the large spring on the ram, this helps to prevent accidental release of the attachment. Additional safety is available by way of a large pin manually inserted through the hole on the bottom left preventing any movement by the hitch. Automatic Quickhitch in the open position, allowing the required attachment to be picked up or released.Quick couplers (also called quick hitches) are used with construction machines to allow the rapid change of buckets and attachments on the machine. They remove the need to use hammers to manually drive out and insert the mounting pins for attachments. They also bring with them additional safety risks that must be overcome by careful design and manufacture, and proper use.

  • Pallet jack


    Typical manual pallet jack (lowered) A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, pallet pump, pump truck, dog, or jigger is a tool used to lift and move pallets. Pallet jacks are the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse.

  • Skid-steer loader


    Bobcat Skid Steer Loader A skid loader, skid-steer loader, skidsteer, or 'bobcat' (as a generic trademark) is a small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. Skid-steer loaders are typically four-wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side, and where the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. The wheels typically have no separate steering mechanism and hold a fixed straight alignment on the body of the machine. Turning is accomplished by differential steering, in which the left and right wheel pairs are operated at different speeds, and the machine turns by skidding or dragging its fixed-orientation wheels across the ground. The extremely rigid frame and strong wheel bearings prevent the torsional forces caused by this dragging motion from damaging the machine. As with tracked vehicles, the high ground friction produced by skid steers can rip up soft or fragile road surfaces. They can be converted to low ground friction by using specially designed wheels such as the Mecanum wheel.

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