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  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


    The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial vehicle (van) built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a van, chassis cab, minibus, and pickup truck. In the past the Sprinter has been sold under the Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Freightliner, and Volkswagen nameplates. In the U.S. it is built from complete knock down (CKD) kits by Freightliner. They are now primarily marketed by Mercedes-Benz. Rebadged and re-engined Sprinters were also sold by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as the Volkswagen LT and the Volkswagen Crafter, as well as by Freightliner as the Freightliner Sprinter.__TOC__

  • Conversion van


    Converted 2009 GMC Savana A conversion van is a full-sized cargo van that is sent to third-party companies to be outfitted with various luxuries for road trips and camping. It can also mean a full-size passenger van in which the rear seating have been rearranged for taxis, school buses, shuttle buses, and limo purposes in place of a family van. Other conversions include bespoke fitting services to be undertaken to make the load area of light commercial vehicles suitable for industrial work. This includes various things such as racking systems for the storage of tools and goods so they can be kept safe and utilise the full storage capability of the vehicle.

  • Splitter tour bus


    Splitter tour buses (also known as splitter vans or splitter buses) are specially converted vehicles commonly used by bands to travel on tour. Their principal defining feature is a bulkhead placed halfway down the vehicle, in front of which are situated seats for carrying passengers and behind which is an area for storing equipment. Splitter buses tend to be built on normal van chassis and the most common base vehicle used is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Splitter buses are very common in Europe where, along with sleeper coaches, they provide transportation for most professional touring acts. They are less common in North America, where the combination of minibus and trailer is favoured. The largest splitter bus fleet in Europe is operated by a company called Vans For Bands Ltd. In Europe splitter buses tend to be configured to carry the driver plus eight passengers due to driving license laws within the European Union which restrict holders of a normal car license from driving vehicles over 3.5 tons in weight or with over eight passenger seats. Larger splitters do exist, however, with some vehicles configured to carry up 11 or 12 passengers.

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