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  • Yamaha DragStar 1100


    The Yamaha XVS 1100 DragStar, sold as the V-Star 1100 in North America, is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Corporation. It comes in two versions, the XVS1100 Custom and the XVS1100A Classic, the former a more modern style, and the latter a more classic style, with rounder edges and is heavier. The seat height is slightly lower on the Custom. The 1100, along with its 650 sibling, enjoy a huge following around the world. Aftermarket companies produce a number of items to customize the model. Over the lifespan of the model, changes have been evolutionary, with only minor updates.

  • Yamaha Royal Star


    1996 Yamaha Royal Star In 1996 Yamaha introduced the Royal Star motorcycle. This motorcycle uses the basic power package from the Yamaha Venture Royale. Other machines using variations of this engine include the Royal Star Venture, the Royal Star Tour Deluxe, and the V-Max.

  • Star Motorcycles


    Star Motorcycles logoStar Motorcycles was a U.S.-specific brand of Yamaha Motor Company used on Yamaha's cruiser motorcycles.

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