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  • Bench jeweler


    A bench jeweler is an artisan who uses a combination of jewelry-making skills to make and repair jewelry. The jewelry making arts can be subdivided into a very great many categories of specialized skills. Some of the more common skills that a bench jeweler might employ include antique restoration goldsmithing, stonesetting, engraving, fabrication, wax carving, lost-wax casting, electroplating, forging, and polishing. In order to understand how a bench jeweler fits into the process of jewelry making, it is important to understand the process itself.

  • Antiques Roadshow


    Antiques Roadshow is a British television programme in which antiques appraisers travel to various regions of the United Kingdom (and occasionally in other countries) to appraise antiques brought in by local people. It has been running since 1979, based on a 1977 documentary programme. The programme has spawned versions in other countries with the same TV format, including Canada and the United States. As of 2018 it is in its 40th series and is currently presented by Fiona Bruce.

  • Napier Company (jewellery)


    The Napier Company (1922-present). Flask, 1925-1930. Sterling silver and cork, 9 5/8 x 4 1/2 x 1 3/16in. (24.4 x 11.4 x 3cm). Brooklyn Museum, Modernism Benefit Fund The Napier Company is an American jewelry manufacturing company, and was one of the first modern corporations in the United States. The company is also known historically as a cutting-edge silver object manufacturer.

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