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  • List of The Cosby Show episodes


    The episodes for the NBC television sitcom The Cosby Show aired from September 20, 1984 to April 30, 1992. There were 201 episodes and an outtakes special produced and aired, spanning eight seasons.

  • Rovers Return Inn


    The Rovers Return Inn is a fictional pub in the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. The Rovers Return occupies a corner of Coronation Street and Rosamund Street. The pub was built by the fictional brewery Newton and Ridley. The Rovers Return Inn has been a free house since 1995, although the brewery continues to supply it. The name comes from the Rover's Return in Withy Grove, Manchester, a 14th-century building which became a licensed house at some point but ceased to be so in 1924 and was demolished in 1958. The Rovers has had three layouts. The original layout of a Public Bar, Select and the Snug lasted from 1902 until June 1986, when a fire, caused by an electrical fault accidentally started by Jack Duckworth, gutted the pub. After the fire, the original layout was replaced by a single bar. This layout lasted until March 2013 when another fire, started by Karl Munro destroyed The Rovers, killing both Sunita Alahan and Toni Griffiths in the process.

  • Ceremonial use of lights


    Religious services often make use of a combination of light and darkness. The ceremonial use of lights is found in the practice of many religions. Candles are extremely common and other forms of light, whether fire or other, are also used.

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