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  • Subaru Tecnica International


    2004 model STISubaru Tecnica International (スバルテクニカインターナショナル株式会社, Subaru Tekunika Intānashonaru Kabushiki-gaisha), or STI (prior to 2006, STi), is Subaru Corporation's motorsports division. STI, along with Prodrive of the UK specialized in the preparation of a variety of vehicles for the Subaru World Rally Team which competed in the World Rally Championship (WRC). It was founded in 1988 by Subaru Corporation (formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries), the parent company of Subaru, to promote the company's performance-oriented identity.

  • Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.


    Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) is an automobile assembly plant in Lafayette, Indiana which began as a joint venture between Subaru Corporation (formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI)) subsidiary Subaru and Isuzu Motors Ltd. After Isuzu withdrew from the venture, SIA continued to manufacture Subaru models, and later began manufacturing the Toyota Camry. The plant, which is Subaru Corporations's sole overseas plant, was the subject of the 1995 book "On The Line at Subaru-Isuzu" by Laurie Graham, about plant working conditions. The facility is located at 5500 State Road 38 E. — also known as the Bataan Memorial Highway.

  • Subaru


    ( or ; ) is the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation (formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries), the twenty-second largest automaker by production worldwide in 2012. Subaru cars are known for their use of a boxer engine layout in most vehicles above 1500 cc. The Symmetrical All Wheel Drive drive-train layout was introduced in 1972. The flat/boxer engine and all-wheel-drive became standard equipment for mid-size and smaller cars in most international markets by 1996, and is now standard in most North American market Subaru vehicles. The lone exception is the BRZ, introduced in 2012 via a partnership with Toyota, which uses the boxer engine but instead uses a rear-wheel-drive structure. Subaru also offers turbocharged versions of their passenger cars, such as the Impreza WRX and the Legacy GT. In Western markets, the Subaru brand has traditionally been popular among a dedicated core of buyers. Marketing is targeted towards specific niches centered on those who desire the company's signature drive train engine, all-wheel/rough-road capabilities or affordable sports car markets.

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