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  • Subaru six-cylinder engines


  • Subaru EA engine


    The Subaru EA engine is a series of automobile internal combustion engines manufactured by Subaru, a division of Fuji Heavy Industries. All EA series engines are of a flat-4 design, and have always been water cooled. The EA series engines have aluminum heads with aluminum blocks. Each cylinder has two valves, one for exhaust and one for intake. They came in either an OHV pushrod or SOHC configuration. Subaru produced the EA series from 1966 to 1994, and were found in the Subaru FF-1 Star, the Subaru Leone, the Subaru Brat (Brumby), the Subaru Loyale, the Subaru Omega (coupé), the Subaru Vortex, the Subaru RX, and the Subaru XT (Alcyone).

  • Subaru Legacy (second generation)


    For a complete overview of all generations, see Subaru Legacy The second-generation Subaru Legacy was marketed in Japan from October 1993, and July 1994 marked the second generation in North America with a full body and chassis revision. The exterior was designed by Olivier Boulay in 1991, during his tenure at Subaru. The tail light appearance on both the sedan and wagon was influenced by the taillights on the SVX.

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