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  • Goshen Scout Reservation


    Goshen Scout Reservation is a Boy Scout reservation designated to camping, swimming, hiking and other various activities. Goshen is home to six Boy Scouts of America resident summer camps located near Goshen, Virginia, and is owned and operated by the National Capital Area Council. The camps are all built around Lake Merriweather. First opened to Scouts in the summer of 1967, today it has six different camps covering over of land. Within Goshen there are three Boy Scout camps, two Cub Scout camps, and one high adventure camp.

  • Northwest Georgia Council


    The Northwest Georgia Council is a local council of the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Golden Spread Council


    The Golden Spread Council serves youth in the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma. Its service area includes all or part of 23 counties in Texas and three counties in Oklahoma. Through 2010, the council served approximately 5,300 youth members and 1,700 adult leaders.

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