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  • Suzuki LT250R


    The Suzuki LT250R was a sport ATV manufactured between 1985 and 1992. It combined a lightweight frame and good handling, with a liquid cooled 250cc two-stroke engine. Commonly known as the Quadracer, it revolutionized the (ATV industry). Before this model was released, the ATV world was dominated by three-wheelers. Although the four-stroke LT250E Quadrunner was released a year earlier, it was not well accepted by racing enthusiasts that were hesitant to adopt the heavier four-wheelers over their three-wheelers. Then came the LT250R. Most of the advances made by Suzuki with this quad have been overshadowed by the Honda TRX250R, which was released in 1986. During these early years though, they were treated as equals, with the Honda being preferred by most because of its apparent handling characteristics. Even though both model names ended with "250R", the Honda walked away with the nickname. The LT250R setup is what is commonly used in today's sport quads, such as: 2-wheel rear drive with a solid axle "A-Arm" front suspension Powerful lightweight engine Manual transmission and clutch Hydraulic disc brakes, two in front, one for the rear Chain drive

  • Yamaha Blaster


    This is about the ATV. For the personal watercraft, see Yamaha blaster.The Yamaha Blaster is a 200 cc air-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke all-terrain vehicle produced as an entry-level machine manufactured in Japan and sold in the United States from 1988 to 2006. Because of the Blaster's initial low price tag, it sold in large numbers for many years. Its two-stroke engine is easily modified by enthusiasts and a large aftermarket now exists for the quad. A range of add-ons are readily available from simple bolt on exhausts and suspension parts to complete aftermarket frames and larger displacement engines. The heavily finned, air-cooled Blaster engine has roots from a water-cooled machine, as evidenced by the plugged water pump casting on the right side of the engine. The history of the engine in its water-cooled form can be traced directly back to the RD/RZ125 lc (shares an identical bottom end and crank cases but uses a different stroke crank) and the Australian market WR200. It is possible to use parts from either of these bikes and build an all-Yamaha water-cooled Blaster engine, or one can simply swap the engines since the engine mounts are nearly identical.

  • Suzuki LT125D


    The Suzuki LT125D Quadrunner (also known as the Suzuki QuadRunner 125) was an all-terrain vehicle produced by Suzuki. When it was introduced in 1982, it was the first four-wheeled ATV on the market. It had a engine, which had a claimed power output of at 7,000 RPM. The power was transmitted to the wheels via a 5-speed semi-automatic transmission.

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