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  • Circular Quay ferry wharf


    Circular Quay ferry wharf is a complex of wharves at Circular Quay, on Sydney Cove, that serves as the hub for the Sydney Harbour ferry network.

  • Mosman Bay ferry services


  • Darling Harbour ferry services


    The Darling Harbour ferry service, officially known as F4 Darling Harbour, was a commuter ferry service in Sydney, New South Wales. Part of the Sydney Ferries network, it was operated by the State Transit Authority from its commencement in the 1980s, the Sydney Ferries Corporation from 2004, and Harbour City Ferries from 2013 to its decommissioning in 2017. It serviced the Lavender Bay and Darling Harbour areas. First Fleet and HarbourCat ferries usually operated the service, which was replaced with the service on 26 November 2017. Originally created to promote tourist and traveller pilgrimage to the Darling Harbour precinct after its redevelopment in the 1980s, the route first consisted of stops at McMahons Point, Balmain East and Sydney Aquarium. Additional stops at Milsons Point, Balmain and Pyrmont were included on the route in the early 2000s, however, Balmain was later removed from the route and an inquiry into Sydney Ferries in 2007 advised the creation of a new terminal at Darling Harbour be built, which would become Barangaroo. King Street Wharf served as the route's terminus during the majority of its later lifespan.

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