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  • Music Sounds Better with You


    "Music Sounds Better with You" is a song by French house band Stardust, released as their only single on 20 July 1998, through the Roulé label. The song uses a sample of the song "Fate" by American singer Chaka Khan, which appeared on her third solo studio album What Cha' Gonna Do for Me (1981). "Music Sounds Better with You" was one of the highest-selling singles of the year in the United Kingdom, where it debuted at number two in August 1998 and maintained the position for two weeks. That same month, the song also spent two weeks atop the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. It was also used in the encore of Daft Punk's Alive 2007 world tour. In June 2018, the band announced it would be releasing a re-mastered version of the song, in celebration of the track's 20th anniversary, marking the first time it will be available on streaming platforms.

  • Hugo (franchise)


    Hugo the TV troll (skærmtrolden Hugo in Danish) is an international media franchise. The franchise was created by the Danish company Interactive Television Entertainment (ITE) in 1990 for the purpose of interactive television for children. It is based on the fictional character of Hugo, a friendly, small Scandinavian folklore troll fighting against evil, often to save his family. Since its premiere in 1990, the Hugo game show has been aired in more than 40 countries, spawning dozens of video games for various platforms. Hugo also spawned other merchandise, including dedicated magazines. As of 2012, the commercial parts of the franchise consist mostly of mobile games being published by the German company Hugo Games. An animated feature film is currently in development.

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