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  • List of Game Boy Advance games


    The original model of the Game Boy Advance. Clockwise from left: A Game Boy Game Pak, a Game Boy Advance Game Pak, and a Nintendo DS Game Card. On the far right is a United States Nickel shown for scale. This is a list of games released for the Game Boy Advance' handheld video game system. The number of games in this list is ', organized alphabetically by the games' localized English titles, or, when Japan-exclusive, their rōmaji transliterations. Every GBA game features the disclaimers "Only for Game Boy Advance" and "Not compatible with other Game Boy systems". The Game Boy Advance is a handheld video game system developed by Nintendo and released during the sixth generation of video games. The final game released for the Game Boy Advance was the North American localization of Samurai Deeper Kyo, which released as a bundle with a DVD set on February 12, 2008. Region(s) released Region description JP (Japan) Japanese (NTSC-J) formatted release. NA (North America) North America and other NTSC territories, besides Japan. PAL PAL/SECAM territories, most of Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. Multiplayer Description Yes Has multiplayer of some kind. No Does not have any multiplayer support. N/A Not Available. COOP Cooperative gameplay. VS Versus. SPM Single-Pak Multiplayer Game Link Cable#Third generation.

  • List of people from Texas


    State flag of Texas Location of Texas in the U.S. map The following are notable people who were either born, raised or have lived for a significant period of time in the U.S. state of Texas.

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