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  • Gateway Academy (Laredo, Texas)


    Gateway Academy is a privately owned charter high school in Laredo, Texas. It is operated by Student Alternatives Program, Inc. Gateway Academy is a charter high school offering education from grades 9 to 12. Its flexible schedule allows the students to study in the morning or the afternoon. Student Alternatives Program is a non-profit corporation dedicated to provide educational choices to students and sponsors for charter schools throughout Texas.

  • Martin High School (Laredo, Texas)


    Raymond & Tirza Martin High School, known as Martin High School, is a secondary institution of learning located in the Laredo Independent School District in Laredo, Texas, United States. Grades 9th through 12th are taught there. It serves students living in central Laredo. The school is adjacent to the Laredo Civic Center.

  • St. Joseph's Academy (Laredo, Texas)


    Saint Joseph's Academy, sometimes referred to as St. Joe or SJA, was a private school started by the Marist Brothers of the Schools. It was located in Laredo, Texas, United States, and served junior high and high school students in Laredo and the surrounding areas.

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