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    Welcome to The Spark Gap Podcast! A podcast discussing the nuts and bolts of embedded electronics, the systems that use them, and the community that surrounds them.

  • Spark gap - Wikipedia


    A spark gap consists of an arrangement of two conducting electrodes separated by a gap usually filled with a gas such as air, designed to allow an electric spark to pass between the conductors. When the potential difference between the conductors exceeds the breakdown voltage of the gas within the gap, a spark forms, ionizing the gas and drastically reducing its electrical resistance .

  • Signs & Symptoms of Improper Spark Plug Gap | It Still Runs


    Spark Plug Specifications. The gap, the distance between the "Hot" and "Ground" electrode points, is set and listed by the manufacturer for optimum performance. The gap measurement will be indicated in thousandths of a inch. For example, a typical plug gap is 0.035, or thirty-five thousandths of an inch.

  • Spark Plug Gap Chart - Brisk USA Spark Plugs


    Spark plug gap is where spark plug spark discharge is designed to take place. On a conventional spark plug, it is the area between the center and the ground electrode. As the spark always follow the path of least resistance, spark gap is generally the closest point between the spark plug center electrode and the spark plug ground electrode which is sometimes formed by the spark plug shell itself.

  • How to Gap Your Spark Plugs - dummies


    How to Gap Your Spark Plugs 1 Clean your spark plug. If you’re regapping a used plug, make sure that it’s clean... 2 Select the proper number on your feeler gauge, and run the gauge between the electrodes. 3 Adjust the gap as necessary. If the wire didn’t go through, the gap is too narrow. 4 Run ...

  • How to Gap a Spark Plug: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


    The gap size affects the spark plug's firing temperature, which has a direct relationship to the combustion of fuel and air in the engine. Opening the gaps provides a larger spark, useful for some customized engines in maximizing the efficiency. You can learn to properly gap spark plugs by measuring and adjusting accordingly.

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