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  • Pacific Theatres


    Pacific Theatres is an American chain of movie theaters in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of California. Pacific Theatres is owned by The Decurion Corporation which also owns ArcLight Cinemas. In 2008 it sold locations in San Diego to Reading Cinemas.

  • Carmike Cinemas


    Carmike movie theater in Statesboro, GeorgiaCarmike Cinemas was a motion picture exhibitor headquartered in Columbus, Georgia. As of March 2016, the company had 276 theaters with 2,954 screens in 41 states, and was the fourth largest movie theater in the United States. The company billed itself as "America's Hometown Theatre" and Carmike theaters were largely positioned in rural or suburban areas with populations under 200,000. The company's theaters operated under various names and generally had a name followed by the number of auditoriums at that location; for example, "Carmike 15". On March 4, 2016, AMC Theatres announced its intent to acquire Carmike Cinemas. The deal was closed on December 21, 2016; the Carmike locations were amalgamated primarily under the brand AMC Classic (which uses Carmike's logo and slogan).

  • Celebration Cinema


    Celebration! Cinema is a movie theater chain owned and operated by Studio C (formerly known as Loeks Theatres, Inc.) with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Its theatres serve the cities and surrounding areas of Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegon, Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, Portage/Kalamazoo, and Mount Pleasant. An average of 5.5 million customers see movies annually through Studio C's Celebration! Cinemas locations. The Grand Rapids North, Lansing, and Portage locations feature IMAX theatres. RiverTown Crossings and Lansing feature MOPIX Rear Window Technology for the deaf and hard of hearing, and most locations feature DLP Digital cinema by Christie. In 2007, Loeks Theatres, Inc. purchased two theatres from Plano, Texas-based Cinemark. The theatres are located in RiverTown Crossings in Grandville and the Woodland Mall in Kentwood. The 20-screen theatre has been renamed Celebration! Rivertown and the 14-screen theatre has been renamed Celebration! Woodland after their respective malls. The purchase was an effort of Loeks Theatres to continue expansion in the West Michigan area. In 2018, Loeks Theatres, Inc changed their company name to Studio C. The name change is an effort to create a central brand name for all of its operations. The name is a homage to the former Studio 28 theatre. Celebration! Cinema North

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