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  • Dragsaw


    Dragsaw demonstration at Cobble Hill Fair, late August 2007, Cobble Hill, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. A dragsaw is an early reciprocating saw using a long steel crosscut saw (for example, 6 foot, 2m) to buck logs to length. Prior to the popularization of the chainsaw during World War II, the dragsaw was a popular means of taking the hard work out of cutting wood. Dragsaws were the "grandfather" of chain and reciprocating saw and are known as the first mechanical saws to be used in the timber industry operation. Driven by a steam-powered winch, it was supposed to be portable. But in reality, a weight of nearly 400 pounds, made their mobility rather limited. These huge tools were most useful in the logging business, because they were efficient and very resilient.

  • Arm-Fall-Off-Boy


    Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Floyd Belkin) is a DC Comics superhero from the 30th century. His first appearance was in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #46, (December 1989), he was drawn by Curt Swan. After Zero Hour, the character of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy was briefly reintroduced as Splitter.

  • Corey Brewer


    Corey Wayne Brewer (born March 5, 1986) is an American professional basketball player who last played for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played college basketball for the Florida Gators, winning back-to-back NCAA national championships in 2006 and 2007. He was named Most Outstanding Player of the 2007 NCAA tournament.

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