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  • National Lottery (Ireland)


    The National Lottery () is the state lottery of Republic of Ireland. It was created when the Republic of Ireland government passed the National Lottery Act, 1986 to help raise funds for good causes. The eligible causes are sport and recreation, health and welfare, national heritage and the arts, the Irish language, and the natural environment.In 2005, at the E.U. gaming convention in Gent, Belgium, E.U. Legislation was passed prohibiting Irish residents playing any Irish National Lottery games while abroad in any E.U member state. This includes Tenerife. National Lottery gaming operations began on 23 March 1987 with scratchcards, and the flagship drawing game, Lotto, began in March 1988. The National Lottery now operates three families of drawing games (Lotto, EuroMillions, and Daily Million), funds televised bingo and game shows, sells a wide range of scratchcards, and runs a number of Millionaire Raffles each year. National Lottery games are available online as well as through a network of over 3,700 retail agents nationwide. By the end of 2013, the National Lottery had achieved over €12 billion in cumulative sales, had paid out €6.7 billion in prizes, and had raised €4.4 billion for the good causes it supports. In 2011, 2.2 million Irish people (64 percent of the adult population) reported playing National Lottery games, with 1.5 million (42 percent) reporting that they played weekly. In 2013, due to a financial crisis that had left the Irish state running a large budget deficit, the Irish government agreed to sell the National Lottery licence for 20 years to a private operator, Premier Lotteries Ireland. The new operator took ownership of the licence on 27 February 2014. The government is receiving €405 million from the sale, some of which will finance the construction of a new National Children's Hospital.

  • 4-Digits


    4-Digits (abbreviation: 4-D) is a lottery in Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. Individuals play by choosing any number from 0000 to 9999. Then, twenty-three winning numbers are drawn each time. If one of the numbers matches the one that the player has bought, a prize is won. A draw is conducted to select these winning numbers. 4-Digits is a fixed-odds game. Magnum 4D is the 1st legalized 4D Operator licensed by the Malaysian Government to operate 4D. Soon thereafter, other lottery operators followed suit, as this is a very popular game in Singapore and Malaysia. The recently launched Daily Derby 4D Blue and Green and 5D jackpots of WTL-M is also growing popular now. 6063 Singapore Pools is the sole provider of gambling games in Singapore. 4-D and lottery 6/49 are two of the most popular. A similar 4-D game with its prize structure fully revealed can be found in Taiwan. 4-Digits is somewhat similar to "Pick 4" in the United States, Canada 5-Digits "Pick 5", and Jackpot in Germany and Malaysia.

  • List of five-number lottery games


    The following is a list of lottery games (including the United States and Canada) in which five regular numbers are drawn from a larger set of numbers. The list includes the name, the number field for each, and the frequency of drawings. All pick-5 games in the U.S. and Canada are drawn multiple times per week (usually nightly, including Sundays and holidays); some lotteries now hold such drawings more than once a day. Most U.S. pick-5 games now have a progressive jackpot, even in games that are drawn daily; in unusual cases, a single ticket has won a cash prize in excess of $1 million cash. A common top prize in non-jackpot pick-5 games is $100,000. (In the lists below, games with a jackpot do not have a minimum jackpot listed.) Depending on the game, a minimum of either two or three numbers (not counting a "bonus ball") must be matched for a winning ticket. (A 2/5 match usually results in a free play for that game, or a "break-even" win; for the latter, the player wins back their stake on that particular five-number wager.) Prize payouts depending on the game are either fixed (with parimutuel exceptions), are always parimutuel, or feature a parimutuel jackpot with fixed lower-tier prizes. With very few exceptions, all U.S. and Canadian games where five regular numbers are drawn from the same pool have had a lump sum jackpot/grand prize, hence the word Cash is used as part of the name of several such games. Except where noted, all current pick-5 games listed here cost $1 per play. Some pick-5 games have introduced an add-on wager, usually $1, either as an "instant match" feature, or, as in the additional 50-cent Connecticut Cash 5 wager Kicker, to give a player additional prize levels. An increasingly popular style of pick-5 game is based on Caribbean stud poker; such games combine a "traditional" drawing with an instant-win feature. The lists do not include "4+1" games, such as Florida's Lucky Money, where all five numbers must be matched to win the top prize, but are drawn from two number fields. (A similar game, Montana's "Big Sky Bonus", is actually a "four-number" game; the double matrix is 4/28 + 1/17. Matching all four "regular" numbers wins the jackpot; matching the "bonus" ball wins $10 plus any money won for matching at least two of the four "regular" numbers.) The numbers games DC-5, Georgia Five, Ohio Pick 5, and Pennsylvania's Pick 5 (the latter formerly "Quinto") also do not truly fit this category, as they are five-digit games with "straight" and "box" wagers; they are otherwise played like many U.S. pick-3 and pick-4 games. (Florida will introduce a similar game, Pick 5; its Fantasy 5 will remain.)

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