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  • David Grutman


    Miami-based restaurant, nightlife and hospitality entrepreneur David Grutman operates LIV, Story, partner of Komodo, Komodo Lounge, OTL. and Planta. He is credited by Rolling Stone magazine as being one of the most important people in electronic dance music.

  • Norman Love


    Norman Love is an American pastry chef located in Fort Myers, Florida.

  • Ocean Prime


    Ocean Prime is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant concept owned by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants that currently consists of nine restaurants in eight states. Ocean Prime opened in Troy, Michigan in June 2008 and has locations in Columbus, Ohio (under the name Mitchell's Ocean Club), Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa, Dallas, Denver and Atlanta. Other Ocean Prime locations are set to open in Indianapolis (June 7, 2012) and Houston (2014).

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