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  • Datsun Truck


    The Datsun Truck is a compact pickup truck made by Nissan in Japan from 1955 through 1997. It was originally sold under the Datsun brand, but this was switched to Nissan in 1983. It was replaced in 1997 by the Frontier and Navara. In Japan, it was sold only in Nissan Bluebird Store locations.

  • Lincoln MKX


    The Lincoln MKX is a 5-passenger mid-sized luxury SUV manufactured and marketed by Lincoln across two generations. The MKX debuted as a 2007 model in December 2006 as a rebadged variant of the Ford Edge using Ford's CD3 platform for the first generation (2007–2015) and CD4 platform for the second generation (2016–2018). The MKX features unibody construction and front-wheel-drive with available all-wheel-drive. It is manufactured at Oakville Assembly in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The MKX has been Lincoln's best selling model since 2016. For the 2019 model year, the MKX will be renamed Nautilus.

  • Ford Explorer


    The Ford Explorer is a range of SUVs manufactured by Ford Motor Company. Introduced in 1990 for the 1991 model year, it is currently in its fifth generation. Variants have also been marketed through the Lincoln-Mercury Division as the Mercury Mountaineer (1996-2010) and Lincoln Aviator (2002-2005). As with the Ford Ranger, it derives its name from a trim package used on the Ford F-Series (1968 to 1986). Alongside it, Ford also markets the Ford Police Interceptor Utility, a replacement for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. A specially modified Special Service Vehicle version is also available from Ford Fleet for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and EMS agencies. Intended as the replacement for the Ford Bronco II, the Ford Explorer was introduced in both two-door (the Ford Explorer Sport, also sold as the 1991-1994 Mazda Navajo) and four-door body styles, with the latter being the first four-door Ford SUV. Following the 2001 introduction of the third-generation Explorer, the Ford Explorer Sport was discontinued after the 2003 model year. The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a mid-size pickup truck based upon two generations of the four-door style from 2001 to 2010.

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