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    Getting to Chicago's airports from McCormick Place ; How can PTC delay a train? Halloween Early Getaways ; How Metra handles service disruptions ; Ride Nice ; Service for Bears games ; Digital Late Slips ; Metra's Wi-Fi Program ; Purchase Metra Train Replicas ; Quiet Cars ; About Metra . Metra and Business

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    (October 24, 2019) - Metra will offer early getaway service from downtown on its four busiest lines Thursday, Oct. 31 to help its customers get home in time for Halloween activities. Metra’s Union Pacific North, Northwest and West lines and the BNSF...

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    Metra's urban-centric service remains popular with suburban commuters working downtown, reverse commuters, and those who visit Chicago for recreational activities and tourism. Metra Rail Routes. Of Metra's 11 routes, four are operated under contract. The BNSF Line service is operated by BNSF Railway.

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    Commuter rail service for the Chicagoland area. Metra provides commuter rail service for Northeast Illinois: six of Metra's eleven routes originate and terminate at Chicago Union Station. Additional Information. Information on ticketing, schedules, and more can be found on the Metra website.

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    How to get the best from your train ticket on North Central Service?. Metra operates North Central Service at Illinois, IL. This train line present 2 locations to be ride to and from.. Offering departs or arrivals dailly, those 2 points are c alled Chicago Union Station, Antioch.. Metra provides a total of 20 train schedules every day.

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    How to get the best from your train ticket on Metra Electric?. Metra operates Metra Electric at Illinois, IL. This train line present 7 locations to be ride to and from.. Offering departs or arrivals dailly, those 7 points are c alled University Park, Millennium Station, South Chicago (93rd), Blue Island, Kensington, Flossmoor, Harvey.. Metra provides a total of 155 train schedules every day.

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    Metra system map Metra is the commuter rail system serving the Chicago metropolitan area in the U.S. states of Illinois and Wisconsin, servicing Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties in northeastern Illinois and the city of Kenosha in southern Wisconsin. It is one of three of the Regional Transportation Authority's service boards. With an average weekday ridership of 294,600 in 2015, Metra is the fourth-busiest commuter rail system in the United States, only behind New York City metropolitan area systems. The Metra system has a total of 241 active stations spread out on 11 rail lines with of tracks. , there are no actively planned extensions of the Metra system. The newest Metra station in Joliet, Illinois opened on April 11, 2018. In 1974, the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) was created to provide stability in the commuter rail system, as most private commuter companies in the area were beginning to fail. In 1984, RTA created the Commuter Rail Service Board to help with planning an organized commuter rail system in the Chicago area. The board was renamed Metra in 1985. Through the creation of the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (NIRC), Metra's operating subsidiary and contracts with freight companies, Metra was able to open a network of commuter rail lines across the region. The system's newest line, North Central Service, opened on August 19, 1996. Seven of the system's eleven lines are owned or operated by the NIRC. Operation of the BNSF Railway Line and the Union Pacific / North Line, Union Pacific / Northwest Line, and the Union Pacific / West Line are handled through purchase of service agreements (PSAs) between Metra, the BNSF Railway and the Union Pacific Railroad. Under these agreements, the railroad companies provide the service using their own employees and either own or control the rights-of-way in addition to the majority of other facilities necessary, while Metra provides the rolling stock. Additionally, Metra funds the portion of South Shore Line within Illinois because it shares tracks with the Metra Electric District. Metra also operates the Hegewisch station, although no Metra trains serve the station. The development of Chicago's commuter rail network resulted in a spoke–hub distribution paradigm and Metra's services radiate out from the Chicago Loop from four terminals: Ogilvie Transportation Center, Union Station, LaSalle Street Station, and Millennium Station. However, all are within a radius of each other and easily accessible from one another, either by walking, cycling, driving, or the use of public transport.

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    Metra is a commuter railroad in the Chicago metropolitan area. The railroad operates 242 stations on 11 different rail lines. It is the fourth busiest commuter rail system in the United States by ridership and the largest and busiest commuter rail system outside the New York City metropolitan area. There were 83.4 million passenger rides in 2014, up 1.3% from the previous year. The estimated busiest day for Metra ridership occurred on November 4, 2016—the day of the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series victory rally. Using Chicago's rail infrastructure, much of which dates to the 1850s, the Illinois General Assembly established the parent Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), and later Metra, focused on rail, to serve commuters. Metra's creation was a result of the anticipated failure of commuter service operated and owned by various private railroad companies in the 1970s. Freight rail companies still operate some routes; however, these operations are guided by contracted service agreements. Metra owns all rolling stock and is responsible for all stations along with the respective municipalities. Since its inception, Metra has directed more than $5 billion into the commuter rail system of the Chicago metropolitan area.

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    The North Central Service (NCS) is a Metra commuter rail line running from Union Station in downtown Chicago through northwestern and far northern suburbs to Antioch, Illinois. In June 2018, the public timetable shows 10 weekday departures from Chicago. Between Union Station and River Grove stations the North Central Service shares tracks with the Milwaukee District/West Line, but does not stop at any of the intermediate stations used by the MD-W between Western Avenue and River Grove. About a mile west of River Grove, this route turns north at a junction known as tower B-12. The rest of the route operates on track owned and dispatched by the Canadian National Railway ("CN"). A single daily inbound train, #120, makes all stops along the North Central Service from Antioch to Washington Street, then switches to the Milwaukee District/North Line's tracks at a diamond in Grayslake, makes stops at Libertyville and Lake Forest, and then runs express to Union Station. The CN assumed ownership of this route on September 7, 2001 when the CN absorbed the Wisconsin Central Railroad ("WC"). The WC operated this route after it was purchased from the Soo Line Railroad in April 1987.

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