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  • Dodge Avenger


    The Dodge Avenger is a front-wheel drive, mid-sized sedan that was built by Dodge. The Dodge Avenger made its North American debut in 1994 as a two-door coupe, which was produced until 2000. It was re-introduced to the market as a four-door sports sedan starting in 2008. The 2014 model year marked the last production for the Avenger, as models for both the Dodge and Chrysler brands were consolidated into the single 2015 Chrysler 200 model,. while Dodge received the compact Dart based on the same platform.

  • Dodge Rampage


    The Dodge Rampage was a subcompact, unibody coupe utility based on Chrysler's L platform and manufactured from 1982 to 1984. First released as a 1982 model, the Rampage was later joined for 1983 by its rebadged variant, the Plymouth Scamp. The Rampage borrowed the car's unibody construction and the front fascia from the sporty 024/Charger variant, and used the suspension from the Omni/Horizon with coil struts and a linkless sway bar at the front, and leaf springs with shock absorbers at the rear. It was available with a Chrysler built and designed 2.2 L carbureted straight-4 engine with and a curb weight of around . In the first year, it had leisurely performance due to the four-speed manual transmission along with a three-speed automatic transmission. 1984 Dodge Rampage Performance was improved with the introduction of a five-speed manual transmission in 1983. The truck had a load capacity of , for a true "half ton" rating. This compared favorably to General Motors' Chevrolet El Camino's rating of 1250 lbs. In addition to the El Camino, the Volkswagen Rabbit Sportruck and Subaru BRAT were the Rampage's main competition. A rebadged version, the Plymouth Scamp, was only marketed for 1983. The Rampage lasted three years before being dropped from production after the 1984 model year. There was a "Shelby Rampage" built by Chrysler/Shelby engineers in their free time for Carroll Shelby, but there is no official record of the existence of such a vehicle. However, a special "California Shelby Rampage" was built in 1984 and only sold at certain California-area Dodge dealerships, which featured the front fascia from the Shelby Charger, 15-inch alloy wheels, and a ground effects package. The Dodge Rampage (17,636 sold in 1982, 8,033 in 1983, 11,732 in 1984, its final season) didn't take off in the market as had been expected. Sales totals for the Plymouth Scamp were 2,184 base models and 1,380 Scamp GT models.

  • Dodge EPIC


    The Dodge EPIC was a concept electric car created by Dodge. The EPIC was first shown at the 1992 North American International Auto Show. EPIC stands for Electric Power Interurban Commuter. It was the first hybrid minivan.

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