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  • Johnnie Walker RV


    Johnnie Walker RVs (JWRV) is a recreational vehicle dealership and service center in the state of Nevada. Based in the Las Vegas Valley in Winchester, the company was founded in 1963 by John Walker, Sr., and has been family owned and operated for four generations. The company specializes in the sale, service and repair of motor homes, travel trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheels. The company also built and operates an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant paint booth to service all sized vehicles to prevent damage to the environment. In May 2013, the company was featured on Discovery’s Animal Planet show Tanked, when a custom fish tank was built into a travel trailer. In October 2013, JWRV returned to reality television when they were featured on the season three finale of A&E’s Barter Kings, as a limo was traded for an RV.

  • Trailer brake controller


    A brake controller is usually an OEM or aftermarket installed device or module. It is mounted to the tow vehicle's driver's-side dashboard area, and engages a trailer’s electrical braking system either time delayed, or in proportion to the tow vehicle's brake engagement when slowing down or coming to a halt. A brake controller is not needed with a trailer surge braking system unless using modern electric over hydraulic devices. The trailer in this case usually has either electric friction brakes or electric-hydraulic trailer brake actuators. Most basic brake controllers will generally have a +/- gain adjustment. The tow vehicle operator would set the gain as high as possible but without the trailer brakes locking up after making a few test stops. The heavier the trailer, the higher the gain adjustment would be set and therefore the less chances of wheel lock-up. A wide range of trailers will contain trailer brakes (for example; larger boat trailers, horse trailers, covered utility trailers, enclosed trailers, travel trailers including small 10-foot and longer tent trailers and car carriers). Smaller trailers may not contain trailer brakes (for example; basic 4'x8' utility trailers).

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