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  • Rickman Motorcycles


    Rickman Honda CR750Rickman Motorcycles was a British, independent motorcycle chassis constructor established by brothers Derek and Don Rickman. The firm manufactured motorcycles from 1960 through to 1975.

  • Norton Villiers Triumph


    Norton Villiers Triumph (NVT) was a British motorcycle manufacturer, formed by the British government to continue the UK motorcycling industry, but the company eventually failed.

  • Triumph TR5 Trophy


    The TR5 Trophy was a standard motorcycle made by Triumph Engineering at the Meriden factory between 1949 and 1958. Based on the Speed Twin, the TR5 was a trials machine designed for off-road use with a high level two into one exhaust and good handling on public roads. The name 'Trophy' came from the three 'specials' that Triumph built for the Italian International Six Day Trial in 1948, which went on to win three gold medals and the manufacturers team trophy. Racing in American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Class C until 1969, the American export models included components from the Tiger 100 to create a motorcycle for desert competition. The original TR5 Trophy models of 1949 used the aluminum cylinder barrels and heads from a generator motor Triumph had supplied for the War Department in WW2. This was Triumph's first aluminum cylinder head/barrel, and factory employees speculated during the War that the alloy heads, with their superior cooling properties, could easily be adapted for a motorcycle. The TR5 Trophy models from 1949-50 used modified versions of these cylinder heads, nicknamed the 'square barrel'.

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