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  • Insomnia Coffee Company


    Insomnia Coffee Company is an Irish independent coffee chain. The headquarters are in Dublin. The first store location opened in the back of a Galway bookstore in August 1997. The company has over 150 stores and over 350 self-service units in operation around Ireland and has recently expanded to the UK market. Insomnia stores serve both hot and cold drinks, Fairtrade premium coffee, gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, snacks, cakes and pastries. It also runs seasonal campaigns throughout the year which introduces new products such as their red velvet hot chocolate at Christmas or the pumpkin pie latte during Autumn.

  • Fair City


    Fair City is an Irish television soap opera on RTÉ One. The show is produced by the public service broadcaster RTÉ, it first aired on RTÉ One on Monday 18 September 1989. It has won several awards and is both the most popular and the longest running Irish soap opera. Plots centre on the domestic and professional lives of the residents of Carrigstown, a fictional suburb on the north side of Dublin. The area encompasses a restaurant, pub, garage, corner shop, community centre, charity shop, surgery and various businesses. Originally aired as one half-hour episode per week for a limited run, the show is now broadcast year round on RTÉ One in four episodes per week, all of which air at 20:00.Fair City is the most watched drama in Ireland, with average viewing figures of 550,000. Devised by executive producer Margaret Gleeson and series producer Paul Cusack, it has remained a significant programme in terms of RTÉ's success and audience share, and also in the history of Irish television drama, tackling many controversial and taboo issues previously unseen on Irish television, such as rape.

  • L'Ecrivain


    L'Ecrivain (, meaning "The Writer") is a restaurant on Lower Baggot Street in Dublin, Ireland, which was awarded one Michelin star for each year of the period 2003 to the present. The Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant the "Red M", indicating "good food at a reasonable price", in for every year of the period 1996–1999. The restaurant's proprietor is Irish celebrity chef Derry Clarke, who has appeared on such television programmes as The Restaurant, The Afternoon Show and The Panel (in 2008) and has also been a judge on the reality television series Fáilte Towers. l'Ecrivain has been described as "Dublin's corporate canteen" by the Irish Independent. The restaurant was opened in 1989 by Derry Clarke and his wife Sallyann.

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